Males vs. Females

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Males vs. Females!!

I have had several people ask me lately which I prefer, male or female.  I honestly have to answer male.  With my personality, the male is just a perfect fit.  I tell people all the time if males could have babies I would have all males.  They are so happy go lucky, playful and demanding of attention, where the females can be very temperamental.

Most people want females because they believe they are getting a docile dog that will not be aggressive.  This is true as long as she gets her way.  They also believe that a female will not mark, but if she is not spayed she will.  I can also tell you that most of the time that there is a fight in the house involving the dogs, one of my females started it (and finished it).   

If there are no plans to breed, I suggest considering a male and neuter him early (around 3 months), because this should prevent the marking worries and the leg raising.  They are more playful through their whole life and they are more accepting of everyone in the family.  

Just some of my thoughts, but the final choice is yours.  Do your research, talk to your vet, and choose with knowledge.  



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