His Story



Read this if you are planning to buy a yorkie...


Max was sold to someone who thought that they wanted a yorkie only to find that they didn't have the time to train him. Yorkies require a lot of attention.  They are very personable and want to be part of the family.  They do not do well if put outside alone and need to be an indoor dog.  Please take a look at the kind of lifestyle you have to see if a yorkie fits into it.

Take a look at the time you will be able to spend with your new dog.  He will need to trained, which takes a lot of time and patience.  Your dog will need to be feed regularly, walked, and exercised.  If you like to travel you need to either take your new dog with you or be able to leave him with a dependable person.

I love yorkies and believe them to be the most lovable and loyal dog you can have.  Most people that have owned a yorkie in the past want another one.  But they are terriers and are not for everyone.  Please do your research before you decide to buy a yorkie.  It is not easy on them to have to go to a new home.  Max has his new home.....   WITH MY SISTER AND HIS FAVORITE BROTHER ZACH!!


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